AV Staging brought over the Digital systems to the Asia First Grand eSport tournament in KL


Malaysia, November 2016 – Being Asia First Grand eSports tournament specifically crafted for Dota2 and CS:GO. ASUS ROG has created a tournament platform for gamers to unite and compete in their tournament ROG MASTERS. ESL and Big Machinez who were the tournament organizer entrusted AV Staging Sdn Bhd who owns the most quantity of Nexo GEO S12 in Malaysia to create a mesmerizing tournament with their state of the art audio, lighting and visual systems.


KL Convention Centre was chosen by the tournament organizer to hold this remarkable event, which has more than accumulated 4000 audiences over the 2 days’ tournament. The tournament was also broadcasted live over the Internet and has drawn quite a number of online audiences as well.


AV Staging Sdn Bhd supported this event with their audio system which was distributed and supplied by Concept Audio. With AV Staging highly experienced technical team which did the full setup for the tournament and also thanks to the versatility of Dante Protocol, AV Staging ran the whole audio system digitally integrating (1) Yamaha QL5, (1) Yamaha CL5, (2) Yamaha RIO-3224D, (4) Shure ULXD as well as (4) Nexo NXAMP 4x4 with Nexo NXDT104 Card which powered (16) Nexo GEO S12, (6) Nexo RS18, (4) Nexo PS15R2. This system was made possible via (2) CAT6 shielded cable that connected all devices via a managed switch and putting it all into a full redundancy, low latency audio network.


Started off in 2008, AV Staging is now a renowned company in the AV Industry. With over 10 years of experience, Managing Director of AV Staging, Mr. Cedric Chia believes that the digital era is a new journey to embark on.



“I would like to say thank you to Concept Audio, who has given a tremendous technical support and advice on the system upgrading. Setting up audio network via Dante has made things so easy, in another words, its hassle free. We are now able to provide top quality sound and most importantly, spending less time on troubleshooting and setting up.” expressed by Mr. Cedric.