Double Demo For STM M28 and GEO M6





Warwickshire, England......Team Nexo welcomed a gathering of friends to the chic and glamourous surroundings of the Dallas Burston Polo Club for the launch of two remarkable new products...

Nexo R&D engineer Mathieu Pobeda, UK Sales Manager Gather Collyer and Concert Sound Representative and FOH legend Stuart Kerrison took the microphone to present a close look at various configurations of the new products with associated processing, amplification, accessories and packaging.

Introducing the Nexo Geo M6

One M6 can be used as a standalone loudspeaker or as an element within a super-compact line-source system and Mathieu’s presentation was followed by some playback demonstrations that showed just how versatile and powerful this little box is. Two arrays of six modules each were flown from a truss above the front of the stage, with low-frequency reinforcement provided by 4x LS18 subwoofers. In a large room (it seats 1,500 people when laid out for banqueting) this tiny system easily delivered perfectly intelligible speech, ample low-end and extremely musical playback to even the furthest corners - an extraordinary performance by any standards.



Introducing the STM M28

Nexo’s STM (Scale Through Modularity) system is well-established and Stuart’s presentation reinforced the fundamental concept behind it, that is STM’s ability to provide production companies with an inventory of loudspeaker modules that can be freely mixed and matched to provide systems of any scale. The operational and business advantages of this are obvious, as such flexibility can only mean maximum utilisation of all stock and thus the greatest return on investment.continues Chmielewski.

Plastic Fantastic

Both of Nexo’s new loudspeakers contain proprietary transducers engineered exclusively for the company and whilst very significant (especially in their use of near-indestructible Ketone polymer HF diaphragms), they are not unique in this respect. Where they are clear innovation leaders however is in their use of advanced injection-moulding technology for creating loudspeaker enclosures for high-profile PA applications.

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