Microflex™ Advance™ Networked Digital Array Microphones




Introducing Microflex™ Advance™ Networked Array Microphones


We are pleased to introduce Microflex™ Advance™, an innovative portfolio of premium networked digital microphones, audio interfaces, and control software for enhanced AV conferencing.



Driven by the rapidly growing demand for global collaboration and communication to support greater productivity and efficiency across multiple locations, AV conferencing solutions have evolved at a remarkable pace. End-users have solicited a desire for an improved conference room application that delivers superior audio performance, but should be “invisible” and able to take care of itself. To address this significant market opportunity, Shure has developed a groundbreaking solution which combines the time-tested and trusted quality of Shure Microflex with advanced digital networking and software capabilities, ideal for elite boardrooms and other high-end meeting spaces where aesthetics are of primary concern. 

A.      Product Overview


Microflex Advance Ceiling Array Microphone

The MXA910 Microflex Advance Ceiling Array is a premium networked array microphone for AV conferencing that captures best-in-class audio from above the meeting space. Revolutionary technology from the proprietary Shure IntelliMix™ DSP Suite includes Steerable Coverage™, which utilizes up to eight independent beams to capture participant audio. The Microflex Advance Ceiling Array integrates seamlessly with Dante™ Networked Audio and third-party preset controllers including Crestron and AMX, delivering a high-quality AV conferencing experience and an aesthetically pleasing and productive meeting space.


Microflex Advance Table Array Microphone


The MXA310 Microflex Advance Table Array is a premium, Dante networked array microphone that provides flexibility in meeting spaces where high quality audio and low profile appearance are paramount. Within the onboard IntelliMix DSP Suite, the proprietary Steerable Coverage technology deploys up to four discrete coverage zones around a table and utilizes the innovative, market unique “toroid” ring-shaped pattern to reject unwanted artifacts from above, such as overhead HVAC and fan noise.



Microflex Advance Audio Network Interfaces


The ANI4IN and ANI4OUT devices can bring up to four wired microphones onto or from a Dante network for easy audio routing and browser-based connectivity. Available with XLR or Block connectors, the Audio Network Interfaces convert up to four line/mic analog signals onto a Dante network, or a Dante digital audio signal to four discrete line/mic analog signals.



Web-Browser Interface

Both the Ceiling and Table Array Microphone, and Audio Network Interfaces feature browser-based tools that make it easy to remotely control the microphones and quickly set up any meeting space requirement. The intuitive user interface allows simple configuration of presets, templates and polar patterns, or setup of mixing and routing preferences.


B.      Pricing


The pricing information of Microflex Advance and related accessories will be sent by your Regional Sales Manager in a separate email within the next few months.


C.      Availability



The Microflex Advance Networked Digital Array Microphones will start to ship from Hong Kong RDC in July 2016.