ULX-D Firmware Update 2.0.19


A. Key Features

The firmware release includes the following key features:

 Codec fix to resolve high-pitch noise

 Support for Access Control, which allows to specify PINs for networked devices to restrict access

 Improved audio stability in marginal RF conditions

 Dante™ software and firmware update

 Bug fixes


B. Updating the Firmware

For best operational results, users are encouraged to update their ULX-D wireless systems to the latest firmware version. Please follow the step-by-step update instructions in the attached appendix and make sure to complete the procedures for both receivers and transmitters.


C. Firmware Mismatch

The new ULX-D firmware version 2.0.19 and subsequent releases are not backward-compatible with older 1.X firmware versions. Mismatched units, including both transmitters and receivers, will not pass audio and the receiver will show an alert that a firmware update is required.


D. Service Enquiry

These instructions will also soon be available in the FAQ section on the Shure Asia website at