Quests to Saro Lounge

Malaysia: Saro Lounge draws in the crowds from Kuala Lumpur’s Pavilion Elite with its bold, Western dishes and its elegant wood and leather décor complemented by a state-of-the-art light feature that has been integrated into the ceiling. As well as providing a venue for eating a drinking, Saro features a room for private functions with a setup for DJs among other forms of entertainment. Having established its reputation in the local pro audio market, Concept Audio was approached by Saro managing director and founder, Kesavan Purusotman, to install a new sound system to reinforce the DJs.
Mr Purusotman’s background lies in the music industry and, familiar with many pro audio brands, he selected Quest Audio’s QM108 2-way ultra compact speaker for the karaoke room. The Concept Audio team, led by senior business development manager Alexandra Chua, installed 14 QM108 cabinets around the room, hung from the ceiling. In addition to reinforcing karaoke and BGM, they boost the energy when the resident DJs perform.

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