Tre Bass using Shure Axient Digital series to cover 200-250 meter with 25,000 pax people


Earlier of the year, Tre bass Entertainment added Shure Axient Digital Beta58 Wireless Microphone x 12Ch into their inventory . On 29 & 30 June 2019, Tre bass had successfully run the event by using Shure AD series on “ Milo Breakfast day 2019” at putrajaya . On the event they able to use AD series to cover 200 – 250 meter range with 25,000 people.

A lot people might encounter the challenge of transmission interference when there are wide varieties of application come in for a big event, such as pro touring, television broadcasting, telco interference and etc.  Axient Digital is designed from the ground up to overcome the challenges.

Axient Digital with complex setups, high channel counts, and constrained spectrum are everyday hurdles for today’s major events and tours. To assure the microphone could meet the most demanding wireless needs, Axient Digital was developed with input from top audio professionals. Every feature has been stress-tested. Every detail fine-tuned. Designed to maximize stability, quality, control, and scalability, Axient Digital is engineered for the moments that command the highest degree of attention.

Axient Digital features numerous user-friendly features and benefits:

High-Performance RF – Incorporating all of the capabilities that professional productions demand, Axient Digital is designed for maximum signal stability. It features true digital diversity with Quadversity™ receiver technology, significantly mitigating the potential for signal fades or interference that can cause dropouts. Quadversity mode allows users to place sets of diversity antennas in different zones, or double the number of antennas in a single zone, to improve RF signal-to-noise in challenging environments. High Density mode increases the maximum simultaneous system channel count from 17 to 47 per 6-MHz TV band (from 23 to 63 per 8-MHz TV band), while maintaining exceptional audio quality.

Audio Quality – Featuring pristine digital audio via Dante and AES3, Axient Digital has a 20Hz to 20 kHz range with a flat frequency response and accurate transient response. Axient Digital also boasts wide dynamic range, AES-256 encryption, and an industry leading 2ms latency from the mic transducer to the analogue output.

Command and Control – Axient Digital is compatible with Wireless Workbench® as well as the ShurePlus™ Channels App for efficient control and configuration, optimal spectrum management and frequency monitoring. The system’s Dante Cue and Dante Browse features enable high fidelity headphone monitoring of audio output from any Dante-enabled connected device. Additionally, Axient Digital provides networked charging via a suite of smart, high-performance batteries and chargers.

Hardware and Scalability – Axient Digital’s wide tuning range of up to 184 MHz for all transmitters and receivers covers an extended range of spectrum and simplifies inventory. Dual and quad receiver options, combined with a common receiver platform supporting AD and ADX transmitters, maximise user flexibility and scalability.


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