Walking In The Bridal Market To Create A Miracle

TCE Wedding Expo

Malaysia, February 2017 –When everyone talks about ‘winter’, most of them will link it up with ‘Christmas’.

Winter is obviously not happening in Malaysia, although it was an undeniable fact over the thousand years of history, but currently, the miracle has happened.

Entered to Asia market and embarked on the new journey to Malaysia, Orient Snow walks a step toward to the local Bridal market with the local team, Concept Associates, and created the magic of snow in TCE Wedding Expo for everyone, which held at MVEC, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) in end of February 2017.

Orient Snow team with the title of “Asia’s Leading Winter Effects Specialist”, done a great job for the entire theming during the 2-day setup before the Expo, did the snow dressing everywhere in the MVEC Atrium.

The idea of the theming for the expo came from the British Stately Home, its entrance was the huge snow arch which constituted with an artificial iron gate and brick wall, while walking across the snow arch to the hall, there was a totally separated world as the snow flake falling from the sky in the winter atrium, a classic architectural wall embellishment and the floral decoration and candelabra as the centrepiece featuring the elegance of the frozen banquet, right opposite the frozen counter, the visitors were welcomed by the event organizer to the frozen counter for the registration.

The frozen garden was found behind of the frozen banquet, it snow dressed with a frozen backdrop, pine trees, fences, and a wooden bench placing at the centre for everyone to stay for selfie and the instant photo taking which provided by the vendor. The snow dressed stage was designed by the team, with a 4m height house with fencing.


According to Andrew Lee, the Chief Operation Officer of Concept Associates, all snow products from Orient Snow are from UK and it processed Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with chemical-free and not harmful for humans, the core ingredients of the artificial snows are paper or plastic, and it can be manually dressed at the sceneries or dressing by the machine – Krendl. The falling snow flake is dry foam made by chemical-free and non-sticky fluid which is ejected from the snow falling machine.

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